PepTest is a non-invasive test that can help detect the cause of gastric reflux. The test is very easy to use with step-by-step instructions. Your sample is sent off to the RD Biomed team who provide rapid analysis and feedback to your GP. Perfect! Well done to the RD Biomed team for developing this product.
The test is easy to use and the results extremely quick . The Manufacturers are helpful and easy to contact.
I undertook a Patient Experience project looking at the diagnostic and treatment journey for individuals with Reflux. A number of those patients had experienced both a range of endoscopies and the Peptest as part of the diagnostic process. Endoscopies were generally described as unpleasant and for many people the thought of them caused a lot of anxiety prior to the procedure. Their experience of the Peptest was that it was quick and easy and could be done anywhere.
A simple non-invasive alternative to the current reflux detection methods which are invasive and extensive. The ease of use and short analysis time make the Peptest a practical clinical diagnostic tool for qualitative assessment of gastro-oesophageal reflux. Being pH-independent, the Peptest is able to measure pepsin in both its active and inactive state which could be advantageous in assessing neutral reflux episodes, where pepsin has potentially lost its activity.
This easy to use and low cost diagnostic test is a perfect solution for the analysis of Pepsin. Peptest is non-invasive thus allowing the collection of samples quickly and efficiently. It is versatile in the fact it can be used in a range of working environments.
This product has the potential to decrease the number of invasive procedures used in diganosis of reflux disease – particularly where it is a “silent” condition.
Prof. Dr Serhat BorEge University – Turkey
We have a powerful experience with Peptest and currently in the market in Turkey. Our validation study is coming soon. A nice method for GIs, ENTs, Pulmonologists etc even for ICU specialists which we also have experience with those patients in terms of VAP.
A product that clearly advances the diagnosis of reflux-associated conditions.
Pepsin detection is a rational and non-invasive approach to assess whether gastric contents are reaching the upper aerodigestive system. Peptest is a novel screening tool that could improve diagnosis and quality of care in a wide range of oesophageal, airways and respiratory conditions.